Is Instagram Dying? Lessons from a Content Creator in 2023

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The one sure thing we know about social media in 2022: trends move fast. Things are constantly shifting. We are consuming at a faster rate than we ever had before which, of course, impacts how you market your business or your personal brand. And it seems like the notion that “Instagram is dead forever” has been making its rounds on TikTok and social media blogs. Because TikTok is an easily consumable format and Instagram’s analytics have dipped for most people, we are seeing a shift in how content is being created on Instagram and for social media in general.

There are a few mistakes I have seen on social:

-Thinking that sticking to your past marketing ways will make the same amount of impact

-Being resistant to change or diversifying your content

-Posting on social just to check it off a box

Not only are those three things listed above time-consuming, but they are likely not getting the result that you are hoping for from social media.

The end answer: no Instagram isn’t dying. But the way we consume content and create content is changing. We need to let go of everything we know about aesthetics and embrace posting when we feel passionate about sharing. We have watched MANY people (myself included) change careers, move, or realize they wanted more time in their day-to-day life which means we need to post when we want to share not because we feel like we have to. Inauthentic content is SO incredibly easy to spot. You are doing more harm than good when you post because you feel like you have to.

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January 3, 2023




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