6 Ways to Prevent Burnout

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Burnout is one of the most common ways to get frustrated and overwhelmed as a business owner. It’s essentially the moment that you hit and think, “I don’t even have the energy or desire to do this.”

And honestly? It is a really low point. Not only is it hard to go through, but it’s hard to explain to others who aren’t in the same place. People tend to see business owners as having immense freedom (which is partially true). But we also can’t turn “off” work and our brains are always on.

I was naive enough to think it would never happen to me. I was like “OHHHH noooo! Not me! I LOVE owning a business. I won’t have burnout.” And then it happened. I felt like I was running a race with no finish line.

And why this is so important? Because slowing down is the fastest way to gain traction in your business and grow your sales.

By slowing down you will clear your mind, decrease overwhelm, have the confidence to say no to things that aren’t a good use of your time, and help you to still love what you do.

And you might be thinking, “But look where that got you.” And I agree. Business ownership is about the hustle, push, and grit.

But it is about STRATEGIC hustle, push, and grit. It is about taking a bird’s eye view and realizing you can’t do it all and do it well.

So I want to talk a little about what to implement to break through burnout or things to start doing to prevent it.

What’s helped me:

  • Celebration dinners with my husband when I book a big project or reach a big goal.
    • Another version of this is labeling a nice bottle of wine or champagne with a big goal or financial milestone and open it when you accomplish what is written!
  • Hiring an assistant and outsourcing projects.
    • Ideas for things to outsource:
      • Administrative tasks
      • Editing if you are a photographer
      • Finance/bookkeeping
      • Email marketing
      • Blogging
      • Pinterest
  • Taking away services and niching down even further.
    • This is key to preventing burnout. Make sure you are doing things you ACTUALLY enjoy!
  • Raising my prices so that I was in the market I wanted and getting the value my time deserved.
  • Investing in education and mentors to guide me in the right direction.
    • Courses
    • Business coaches
    • Masterminds
    • Podcasts
    • Books
  • Talking to my friends about it and letting them in on my fears.
    • Talk to your people.

Have you tried any of these? What do you do to prevent burnout?

December 28, 2022




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