3 Mistakes on Your Website Home Page

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We are living in a world that wants information fast which means your home page needs to be concise BUT that does not mean it can lack in value.

Oh the infamous home page…what do you write? What photos do you include? How do you sell yourself in seconds? Yes, seconds, not minutes. The overwhelm can be endless when it comes to your home page but let’s break down a few quick things to adjust on your page.

Here are three mistakes you might be making:

  1. Too many words: There is a time and place for words (like here, on a blog!) or maybe it is in video form on your Instagram but either way, your home page is NOT the time to be aiming for a large word count. In fact, you want to explain what you do in the LEAST amount of words possible with the MOST impact possible. So, cut the words down.
  2. Not giving a viewer a reason to stay: Your competition is steep. There are a million other places for someone to go on the Internet. This does not mean there are a million other competitors offering what you do. But there are many other sites and companies fighting for viewers’ eyes so you need to show your value quickly so people are inclined to stay. Having someone land on your page is a gold mine, but now we need them to stay. Or, at least, stay long enough to have a way for you to connect with them again. Enter: freebies. Freebies can be many things: a PDF guide, blog post, podcast, etc. but the key here is that it is a free value showing what you are an expert in. One of the key ways to keep someone interested in staying on your site is to give them a reason to stay.
  3. No photos of you: Ah, the big question of branding, should you show your face on your website? My opinion: ABSOLUTELY. It immediately makes your product or service HUMAN. If you have a team of people, your team needs to be on the home page. It creates community. It represents what you value. And it shows your brand in human form.

This post is kicking off the website copy series where we are breaking down all the need to know for you to build a stronger website leading to more qualified leads coming into your inbox. If you are interested in getting hands-on help on your website copy, marketing, social content creation and so much more, click here to work with me!

September 13, 2022




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